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Stop Cluster Munitions to Ukraine!

Published: July 7, 2023


Today (Friday, 7/7/2023), the Biden administration announced that they will be transferring cluster munitions to the Ukrainian government.

Cluster munitions are among the most harmful weapons to civilians. They are designed to disperse small bomblets indiscriminately across a wide area. The bomblets often fail to explode on initial use, littering communities with unstable unexploded ordnance and causing devastating harm to civilians for years after a conflict ends.

Both the Russian and Ukrainian militaries have already used cluster munitions with devastating impact, as has been documented by Human Rights Watch and others. The United States must not be complicit in the use of these indiscriminate weapons.

Click here to learn more and to oppose these transfers.

from Mike Merryman-Lotze, American Friends Service Committee (7/7/2023)