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So Many Wrongs

Published: May 8, 2020


Dear Editor,

So many “wrongs” contributing to the “wrong" society in which we live.

Sometimes I become so discouraged that I feel I’ll go nuts.

Our “virtual” Quaker meeting last Wednesday was a balm. I found my psyche (soul) moving from utterly self-centered places, incrementally but inexorably moving to other-centered places, with my own self moving gently across the surface, then back and forth and randomly touching one point, then another. My need for certainty melted into an identification with the whole of complexity and beauty…

Here’s an aspect that has stayed with me: I found myself affirming the darkness, rather than hanging on to the dualism of (good) light overcoming the (evil) darkness.

Maybe it’s because of my aging. I’m 87. Maybe it’s more than that.

from Paul Niebanck, South Seattle Friends Meeting (5/4/2020)