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Slavery, Reparations, Quakers, and Congress

Published: June 17, 2022


Friends Committee on National Legislation
Quaker Changemaker event

H.R. 40 and the Quaker Push for Reparations

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
3:30 Pacific = 4:30 PM Mountain

$4 billion. That’s the estimated economic value of the four million enslaved people held in 1860. Despite their enormous impact on the United States economy, African American people were never paid for their contributions. For this nation to truly heal, we must rectify our original sin of slavery. Join us to learn how Quakers and friends are advocating for reparations in public policy and engaging in reparations projects in local communities

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from Bobby Trice, Friends Committee on National Legislation (to be 6/22/2022)