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Restoration of Native Species

Published: May 15, 2020


I invite friends to read The Saguaro-Juniper Covenant: A Bill of Rights for Human Occupancy and the Private Governance of Wildlands.

As an environmentalist and ecologist, and as someone active in the Sanctuary Movement (through my wife's efforts), I contacted Jim Corbett in the late 1980s and joined the Saguro-Juniper community. This has given me a direct involvement in land redemption for the last thirty-two years, not just a theoretical connection with the land, but rather, hands on.

We have had our trials . . . and almost twenty-year drought . . . but restoration of native species and restoration of the land has succeeded.  The Saguro-Juniper holding of private and leased state land approximates 9000 acres, which means we have sufficient land to actually manage for the ecology of our diverse holding.   

This work has been rewarding in many ways, including spiritually rewarding for me personally. I do miss the larger Quaker gatherings and contacts that we used to have when Jim and Pat Corbett were active in the community.  Many Quakers came to Cascabel to visit them, not so much since Jim passed.

When travel restrictions are lifted, I invite Friends to spend some time at Saguro-Juniper. You can read more about the project at: www.saguaro-juniper.com 

Peace. There is no way to peace, peace is the Way.

from Charlie Thomas, Saguro-Juniper Community (5/11/2020)