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Reports on Quaker-Led Work in Central Africa

Published: Sept. 1, 2023


Dear Western Friend,

Thank you for the service you are doing.

My name is Dr. Dieudonné Bisibo Alimasi, M.D. I am a Quaker, member of the Baraka, South Kivu, DRC Quaker Meeting, and a friend of Daniel Flynn, a San Francisco native who is a Quaker in Europe.

He and his wife Kate McNally helped me start a Consortium of twelve local charities in the African Great Lakes Region early last year which today is supporting the education of 120 orphans, care for women victims of sexual violence, refugees and widows. -sustaining activities, and providing trauma and peace activity training. Nine of the twelve local charities are African Quaker created and managed. Attached in English are our first annual report and most recent quarterly report.

I am writing you and copying David Albert, co-founder of Friendly Water for the World, because of the excellent article he wrote, published on page 16 in the May/June 2023 issue of the Western Friend. I would like Western Friend and its readers to know about the work we are doing in the African Great Lakes Region, particularly in the DRCongo and Burundi.

I am happy to say that we are partnered with the African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI) of Friends Peace Teams in the United States. The AGLI is presently coordinated by David Bucura, former FWCC African Section clerk. We are currently receiving monthly donations through Friends Peace Teams AGLI from supporters in Europe, but would like to make the work of our Consortium better known in the United States. We have made ourselves known to several charities in the U.K. such as the Quaker Congo Partnership and Quaker African Interest Group.

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from Dieudonné Bisibo Alimasi, African Great Lakes Consortium (8/26/2023)