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Reconciliation in Northern Washington

Published: Nov. 10, 2023

An award-winning documentary, available free online, tells the true story of a Native American Reconciliation group that began in 1997, in the home of a White couple recently moved to Methow Valley in northern Washington.

Within five years many folks had joined Glenn and Carolyn Schmekel in launching social reconciliation initiatives that brought about change in the Methow Valley and have continued to contribute an effective means to connect across cultural, ethnic, and racial divisions.

The Methow Valley Interpretive Center represents part of this ongoing group of Native American and mostly European American folks working together to heal historical wounds and create lasting friendships.

The video, Two Rivers, which is a bit less than an hour long, shows how people from different worlds created friendships, because they were willing to adopt an open attitude, experiment with new ways of connecting, and learn to speak, listen, and act from their hearts.

Click here to watch Two Rivers.

from Dorothy D., Bellingham Friends Meeting (11/8/2023)