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Quakers and Facebook?

Published: Nov. 26, 2021


Dear Friends,

Albuquerque Friends Meeting is in discernment about the use of Facebook by the Meetinghouse. We have a web site and a Facebook page currently. Many of the young people who have found us and begun attending during the pandemic have made contact through the Facebook page. But, with all the information in the news about the uses of Facebook and the international power it has, the question has come up about whether we should disconnect from using Facebook as a Meeting.

We would like to hear from any other Meeting that has considered or responded to this concern. I would like to gather information from as many meetings as possible.

If possible, please respond before December 5, 2021.

Email me, Nancy Rice, at: mnrice[AT]swcp[DOT]com
Please write "Quakers and Facebook" in the subject line.

from Nancy Rice, Albuquerque Monthly Meeting (11/20/2021)