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Quaker Studies Program in Boulder

Published: March 13, 2020

Boulder Friends Meeting sponsored a Quaker Studies Program that was quite popular last fall. Over twenty Boulder Friends attended the six-week Quaker Studies program, which Daniel Pink Dandelion’s 118-page book The Quakers: A Very Short Introduction as a starting point.

The Quaker Studies meetings were held October and November. Five of the six members of Ministry and Worship Committee were among the twenty-one participants who came to four or more sessions. We were grateful for their participation and the perspectives they brought, informed by previous Boulder Quaker Studies programs.

To facilitate discussions, Friend Greg Shubert prepared a few questions or comments each week, then let the groups flow into lively discussions with periods of thoughtful reflection. Because the groups were small enough (nine to fourteen people during two identical weekly sessions), each participant had opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss items of interest.

Friends said they found the weekly chapter readings somewhat “scholarly,” but still of great interest to them. We recommend that subsequent Quaker Studies programs have differing contents and styles to accommodate a wide range of participants and interests. Participants did appreciate that the readings were relatively short and were possible to complete each week even with a busy schedule.

Friends' suggestions for topics for other Quaker Studies programs included:

from Rebecca Morris, Boulder Friends Meeting (1/30/2020)