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Quaker Peace Testimony Discussion Group

Published: March 18, 2022


Please join us virtually for discussions of the Quaker peace testimony from a variety of perspectives, particularly non-Christian and non-theist standpoints (though of course those viewpoints are welcome as well!).
Hosted by Andrea Harman (Palo Alto Meeting) and Friends.

Wednesday Evenings
60 minutes starting at:
5:30 PM Pacific = 6:30 PM Mountain
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Meeting ID: 671 903 134
Passcode: 108825
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Each session will run for an hour, including discussion about a reading, a specific topic, or a course of action, as well as some time for worship or worship-sharing. We will continue to add resources to the list below as our discussion group evolves.

Resources for the Peace Testimony Discussion Group

for March 23, 2022
"The Dangerous Assumption that Violence Keeps us Safe" by George Lakey (2/26/2022)

for March 30, 2022
"Pulling Away Putin's Pedestal" by Jason MacLeod (3/11/2022)
"Ukrainians vs. Putin" by Maciej Bartkowski (12/27/2021)

for April 6, 2022
"The Nazis and Nonviolence" by Michael C. Stratford, Brian Martin, and Ralph Summy (April 1987)

for April 13, 2022
"In Apprehension, How Like God: William Penn Lecture" by Bayard Rustin (1948)
"The Duty to Resist" [synopsis of above text] by Carlos Figueroa (4/1/2022)

for April 20, 2022
"Six Nonviolent Ways Congress Can Help Ukraine" by Bridget Moix (4/12/2022)

for April 27, 2022
"Russian Soldiers Release Ukrainian Mayor after Protests" by Daniel Boffey and Shaun Walker (3/26/202)
"Ukraine: A Nonviolent Victory" by Jack DuVall, Peter Ackerman, and Marciej BartkowskI (3/3/2922)
"Rail War in Belarus: Partisans Prevent Military Trains from Going to Ukraine" by Euro Radio (3/3/2022)
"Facing Severe Repression, Russians are Turning to Anti-War Graffiti" by Colleen Wood and Alexis Lerner (3/21/2022)

for May 4, 2022

for May 11, 2022
"Defining Pacifism" by Mike de Sousa