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Quaker News of All Stuff (Quaker NOATS)

Published: March 10, 2023


Hello Friends,

Have you ever thought "Gosh there are so many Quaker youth activities. I don't know where to start?" or "How can I ever tell the families in my meeting about all the stuff going on?" Well rest assured the Youth Programs Coordinating Committee has your back.

We're very excited to launch our Youth-centered newsletter in Pacific Yearly Meeting, affectionately titled “Quaker News Of All The Stuff,” or “Quaker NOATS” for short. Each month we'll send this out on the last Sunday of the month, and it'll have updates for the foreseeable future. Also included will be recaps of past events and little activities for all ages. – Can you find all 5 snails?

Got something you want featured in Quaker NOATS? Find our contact links on the last page of the newsletter.

We will send this out virtually, but it is designed to be printable. It sits well on a potluck table and even functions as a phenomenal conversation starter.

Click here to read NOATS, March 2023
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from Alma Moon & Keenan Lorenzato, Pacific Yearly Meeting (3/6/2023)