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Quaker Lodging for Healthcare Workers

Published: March 28, 2020


Members of Mountain View Friends Meeting, a longtime Quaker presence in South Denver, are opening their place of worship as lodging for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers treating patients with COVID-19. First residents are expected next week The meetinghouse is available for three healthcare professionals to live under the principles of the Frontline Houses Movement, which began in Phoenix, AZ, last week. Other Denver-area faith communities are considering similar measures. There will be no charge to residents to stay at the meetinghouse, which has stood vacant since social distancing efforts began.

Healthcare workers on the front line of the pandemic are faced not only with the awareness that in doing their jobs they may become ill themselves, but also the fear of inadvertently bringing the virus home and infecting loved ones. Frontline Housing lessens that worry, as well as providing emotional support and a sense of community.

Residents must agree to shower after every shift, wipe down household surfaces, record and post their temperatures on a white board daily, and agree to care for each other if a resident becomes sick. To be eligible, applicants must show proof of healthcare employment, medical insurance and permanent housing (their own home or apartment). To apply, contact Mountain View Friend Diane D’Angelo at 602-405-5134 or Dangelo.diane-AT-gmail-DOT-com. A Facebook Group has been created to support local healthcare workers interested in Frontline Housing and as a way for property owners to list their own dwellings in the effort. It is listed as #Frontlinehouses – Denver.

from Diane D'Angelo, Mountain View (Denver) Friends Meeting (3/25/2020)