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Quaker Library Available

Published: March 5, 2022


Over many decades Marie Schutz built a personal Quaker Library of over 100 volumes and many pamphlets and other tracts and media. The collection contains history books, disciplines, memoirs, social change books, biographies and autobiographies. A large, but incomplete, collection of Pendle Hill pamphlets begins at #6 and ends in the 400's. Her fervent desire, expressed shortly before her death, was that her library would seed or complement a library for any Quaker Meeting or Worship Group. 

Please let Mico Sorrel know of your interest at margaretsorrel[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

A compiled list of the holdings is available upon request. If no Meeting steps forward the collection may be available to an individual. Cost? Media mail shipping only.   

from Mico Sorrel, Strawberry Creek Meeting (2/27/2022)