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Quaker Land for Sale

Published: July 10, 2020


The Quaker property in Nevada City, CA, commonly known as “Sierra Friends Center” or “Woolman School” is owned and managed by College Park Friends Educational Association (CPFEA), which has decided to pursue sale of part or all of the property.

Ideally, the property would be purchased by Friends.

CPFEA will be holding two information sessions in the next couple of weeks. If we do not find enough interest among Friends to purchase this property, we will likely put it on the commercial real estate market.

The information sessions will be conducted via Zoom on:
Tuesday, July 21 at 7pm
Saturday, August 1 at 11 am

Please contact Marty Coleman-Hunt, Interim Executive Director, or Sandra Schwartz, Clerk, to be placed on the Zoom list for those meetings.

Marty Coleman-Hunt, [email protected]


from Doug Smith, CPFEA (7/10/2020)