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Quaker Center Call for Program Proposals

Published: Sept. 24, 2021


Ben Lomond Quaker Center is accepting program proposals for 2022.
Program proposals are due by October 10, 2021
Click here to submit a program proposal.

Quaker Center seeks to nurture the spiritual growth and faithfulness of Friends and others, while strengthening Quakerism and its witness in the world. We offer weekend and five-day programs on a broad array of subjects. We are seeking Friends who are led to share their insights into:

We are open to all program suggestions, even if you are not led to lead them.

Programs utilizing a mix of the arts, reflection discussion, worship, group lectures, small group activities, queries, interaction with nature, etc. are encouraged.

Program proposals which offer insights into developing and nurturing an effective and radical Quaker witness in the face of climate change and its effects on the most vulnerable will be given special attention.

We offer honoraria as expressions of gratitude for the gifts of ministry and time that this work demands. Travel fares are reimbursed up to a mutually determined limit.

Due to limited availability, not all qualified proposals will be accepted.

Click here for more information on our website.

Email Quaker Center staff for more information:

BobFisher[at]quakercenter[dot]org and nicholas.c.wright[at]gmail[dot]com.

from Bob Fisher, Ben Lomond Quaker Center (9/19/2021)