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Prosaic Prompts to Presence

Published: April 23, 2021


Dear Friends,

I began recently doing a short breathing meditation each time I get in the truck to go to our pasture, or to town or where ever. Just sit and breathe in the silence and connect with the light within before putting the key in the ignition. Sometimes I still feel the "hurry up" notion. Other times it seems the light holds its own. Rarely does this last more than a few minutes; it does happen.

Another event is standing in the grocery line, observing social distance, relaxing my grip on the food cart enjoying the inner light, letting go of the outward or sometime being extremely aware of the space and the environment. Sometimes it just makes me smile. I do this weekly at the Safeway.

What other events in your life can open the heart for a few moments or    l  o  n  g  e  r    ?

from Charlie Thomas, Cascabel Worship Group, Benson, AZ (4/21/2021)