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Preparing Together for Nonviolence in November

Published: Oct. 9, 2020


The days of Preparing Together for actions in November are upon us! On October 8, we launch our mini-workshops:

Preparing Together:
Getting Grounded and Ready for November (and beyond)

We will be holding these 2-hour workshops twice a week for the next several weeks to get people on the same page and ready for actions! Upcoming training dates include:

East Point Peace Academy (click here to register)

In addition, we are scheduling a series of skill-building workshops.The first will be:

Using Arts to Choose Democracy & Create Change
               Wednesday, 10/14

This will be a virtual offering from artist/activists David Solnit and Nancy Pili Hernandez that will help you create your own posters, which will be used during our actions! We are also working on confirming the details for workshops on:

Please check our website for updates. There will be many ways for people to plug in during the weeks ahead, including our Days of Deepening, when we will be gathering for 10 consecutive days leading into the election, as well as our Days of Action following the election.

Until then, I hope to see you in our virtual trainings spaces as we prepare for a season of deepening and actions!

In Peace,

Chris Moore-Backman, East Point Peace Academy (10/7/2020)