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Pen Pals for Prisoners

Published: Dec. 7, 2019

Orange Grove Friends Meeting supports a program of corresponding with prisoners, to help relieve their loneliness. When a prisoner is reading or writing letters, as one prisoner put it, he can “forget where he is.” We, on the outside, can encourage inmates to take classes and prepare for release. Our letters can create a positive relationship with another human being. And, most importantly, we can give hope.

Corresponding with prisoners can be particularly rewarding as we watch them improve in their outlook on life. And, there are few other relationships in life in which we will be so deeply appreciated for an activity as simple as writing letters.

If you would like detailed information about what is involved in corresponding with a prisoner, read articles on this page of the Orange Grove Meeting website: https://www.ogmm.org/prisoner-pen-pal-program The articles cover suggestions about what to write about at first, how to protect your privacy and security, prison rules, etc. Some of the articles are password-protected and may be accessed only by OGMM members and attenders and others who are participating as pen pals for prisoners.

If you would like help to find an inmate with whom you can correspond, the Peace & Social Concerns Committee of the Orange Grove Monthly Meeting at: [email protected].

from Ellen Weis, Mitchel Cox, and Zac Lee Rigg, Orange Grove Friends Meeting (9/1/2019)