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Peace Park is in Full Bloom

Published: May 1, 2020


Peace Park in Tacoma, WA, is in full bloom. It is right next to right next to Hillsdale Community Church,* and we are welcoming guests after this sequester.

The Work Goes On

by Harold Bass

By day by night, at eve at dawn,
All quietly the work goes on.
The work that changes springs beginning
to summer with its fruitful inning,
the work that builds all leaves and flowers,
that makes grain fields and shaded bowers,
the work that gives us berries precious
and apples red and peaches luscious,
the work that by it constant doing,
insures to men the worlds renewing.
By day by night, at eve at dawn,
all quietly, that work goes on.

The new residents of the old minister’s house – Harold Bass's granddaughter, Suzanne Alcorn, and her daughter, Marlene – are giving the meadow a new birth and spiritual life, in cooperation with Shane (the caretaker of the Quakers' property).

All are welcome for meditation, yoga, music, or just mindfulness.

Hillsdale Community Church, 2508 South 39th Street, Tacoma, Washington 98409

from Marlene Warfield, Hillsdale Community Church (4/26/2020)

* About Hillsdale Community Church, from the University of Washington, Tacoma

“Hillside is a small church nestled in some of the last of the country property left in the city of Tacoma. Its ceiling and wood work are beautiful white pine or to be exact they once were, but history has colored more than the wood work at this church. The beginnings of the church go back to the very start of the industrial revolution in England, circa 1710 CE, in the city of Epworth, where Methodism first developed and who's name is on a Methodist church here in Tacoma. Both Dr. Harold Bass, Hillside's founder, and his successor Rev. Milton Andrews came from very dynamic and controversial backgrounds that started in religious fundamentalism and progressed to liberalism, both theologically and politically. Anyone thinking that religion has a diminished effect in today's modern society should pause to consider these two men and their congregation. Many of the social outcasts of Tacoma, particularly during the red scare era of the 1950's and early 1960's, have found sanctuary at Hillside and legitimacy for their causes by being sanctioned by this warm and loving church of exodists and heretics.”  – Robert Ewing