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Pay Vaccines Forward

Published: May 28, 2021


Have you received your first COVID shot?  Have you been fully vaccinated?

It is a nice feeling to be more protected from this disease. 

What did you pay for your vaccine?  I hear that Uncle Sam is picking up the tab for you, is that true? I've heard that in Maryland and Oregon you might even win a million dollars if you get vaccinated.

So, let's imagine that you actually had to pay for the shot.  What do you think it would be worth?  $20?  $50?  $100?  $300? $1,000?  more?  How much would you have been willing to pay for your own shot and for the shots of your nearest and dearest?  It is hard to put a value on peace of mind about health.

I am so grateful that millions have been vaccinated.

Then there are the billions who have not been vaccinated.  We live in Honduras where by the end of this month almost 2% of the population will have received 1 shot and almost 1% will be fully vaccinated.  Kenya is at about the same level.  COVAX, founded by UNICEF and others, is an international non-profit designed to help get the world herd immunity.  It actually has a very modest goal: 20% of the population of poor and medium countries to get vaccinated.  This problem is too big for governments to handle.  So far, it has been slowed down by wealthier countries not being willing to share vaccine supplies and lack of money in countries that want to purchase the vaccine. COVAX just gets the immunizations to the department of health in the country; then the country takes over administering it.

(Click here to read an article about COVAX, published May 27, 2021.)

My suggestion is that you pay it forward.  What does that mean?  That means helping less privileged persons get immunized (if they want it) since you didn't have to pay for your immunization.  I am horrified at how fast this virus mutates, but grateful to learn that, so far, the immunizations seem to protect against even the nastiest variations.

Click here to donate at the GAVI (Vaccine Alliance) website.

They say it costs $5 per shot.

Just donate what you can.  If you haven't received your vaccination, yet, maybe you want to wait.  If you don't own $20, you should keep your money.  But if you have more than $20 and have been jabbed, it is time to pay it forward.

from Sister Alegria, Amigas del Señor Monastery, Limón, Colón, Honduras (5/28/2021)