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Online Videos for Quaker Scholars

Published: April 28, 2023


Dear Friends,

Here are some videos for Quaker scholars, which you can find on YouTube:

Quakers: That of God in Everyone

A film put together by Cincinnati Friends in 2015
Director: Isaac Stambaugh
Starring: Paul Buckley, Thomas Hamm, Mary Ellen Krisher, Jeff Arnold
It provides a good overview of who Quakers are and what all they have been doing.

Click here to watch the video.


Srekauq YouTube Channel

Collection by an unnamed professional filmmaker with Watford Quakers.
A series of short and fine interviews of Quakers, and short films about Quaker history, from Watford Quakers Meeting in the UK.
The name of this YouTube channel – “srekauq” – is “quakers” backwards.

Click here to visit the YouTube Channel.


from Marybeth Webster, South Mountain Friends Meeting (4/25/2023)