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NPR Covers Quakers at Border

Published: July 4, 2019

Dear Editor: I thought Friends might enjoy reading / hearing this, produced by NPR on June 27, 2019:

Two years ago, Edie Salisbury hadn’t heard of the Adelanto Detention Center. Now, the retired psychologist leads members of her faith community on monthly trips into California’s largest immigrant lock-up, 80 miles northeast of LA.

Salisbury is a Quaker––part of the Christian group formally known as the Religious Society of Friends who faced historical persecution in England and the colonial U.S. 

“Quakers have a long history of visiting people who are in prison,” said Salisbury, as she drove with a group of volunteers recently to Adelanto. “In fact, they were imprisoned themselves to begin with. That’s pretty clear, and the work we do is supported by the Quaker community.”  . . .

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From Arthur Kegerreis, Orange Grove Friends Meeting (7/1/2019)