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Not for Cannibalism

Published: April 9, 2021


A Friend in his 90's noted that University of Colorado campus has a restaurant called the "Alferd Packer Grill.” This Friend wants me to contact University President Mark Kennedy and question the morality of having a grill named for a murderous cannibal and not one of so many worthy Coloradoans.

I googled Alferd Packer found numerous areas of difference about the truth regarding him. I'm tempted to suggest a renaming of the grill, if only because Colorado suffers so much violence, and we need to celebrate those whose lives lead us to live lives of justice, equity, truth, celebration of diversity.

I welcome your or others' ideas. Please contact me at: stucklen-AT-q-DOT-com  

from Deb Stucken, Fort Collins Monthly Meeting (4/5/2021)