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Nonviolent Action

Published: Sept. 2, 2022


Dear Friends,

Jon Watts, the filmmaker who created QuakerSpeak, got wind of the work I was doing at Swarthmore and talked me into making a short film that digested the conceptual framework that pulls together a lot of research as well as practice of nonviolent action _ a framework I found I could describe coherently in fifteen minutes!

He put me in front of blackboard on campus and we made the film in just a few takes.  Jon put it on YouTube, titled "George Lakey – Nonviolent Action Lecture.”

You might find this a convenient way to catch up with a quick summary of a life's work.

Click here to see the “Nonviolent Action Lecture.”
Click here to see Jon Watt’s collection of Lakey interviews.


from George Lakey, Earth Quaker Action Team (9/1/2022)