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No Place Like Home

Published: Jan. 15, 2021


Thank-you, Western Friend, for hosting our webinar on "Loving Your Neighborhood" last August. Jill and I were pleased when we were contacted by Friends who want to build 120+ units of affordable housing on their meeting’s property. We offered to provide whatever support we could through our Congregational Land Committee. I hope that other Friends see their underutilized land as an opportunity to house those in need.

It seems almost miraculous how Making Housing and Community Happen (MHCH) is thriving since we became a nonprofit two years ago. In December, we had a fantastic annual event online that drew nearly 200 people and raised $53,000, twice what we had anticipated.

Click on these three links to see some highlights from that event that I especially recommend:

There’s No Place Like Home – animated short
Affordable / Supportive Housing Advocates Team
Music Video by John York and Barry McGuire – “California Dreamin’” and “Tramp on the Street”


from Anthony Manousos, Orange Grove Meeting, Pasadena, CA (1/11/2021)