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Next Gen Politics Meets Compassionate Listening

Published: Dec. 1, 2023

“The Round Table” is a podcast 100% created and edited by young people committed to building a more just and joyous world. It is sponsored by “Next Gen Politics,” a nonprofit with a mission to inspire and equip youth to drive a more productive, inclusive, and informed political culture in the U.S.

In episode published on November 25, 2023, podcasters Emily, Emmanuel, and Heba sat down with Joel Berman from the Compassionate Listening Project – to talk about what it means to truly create safe & courageous spaces. They dove into the power of storytelling as well as the importance of peer support in working to rewire our brains away from tribalism, which is incredibly hard! "Compassionate Listening is an intense practice and it takes effort to master."

We invite you to tune in and listen to Joel’s stories of meeting across the divides from his four delegations to Israel and Palestine with the Compassionate Listening Project. (34 minutes)

Click here to find the Nov 25, 2023, podcast with Joel Berman.

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from Leah Green, The Compassionate Listening Project (11/27/2023)

Topics:  Spiritual Deepening
Tags:  nonviolent communication