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New Mexico Advocacy

Published: July 4, 2019

In March of this year the Santa Fe monthly meeting as well as the Santa Fe Quaker House helped to send seven New Mexican young people to Washington, DC, in order to lobby for immigration reform with FCNL. These young people have been lobbying our local representatives for the Stop Militarizing Law-Enforcement Act, a piece of legislation meant to put some restrictions on the 1033 program with the Pentagon that allows military equipment to be sent to police departments all over the country. These students shared their personal experiences with the system and with the violence of the state that is particularly prevalent near the border. We are proud to support the efforts of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, and are happy that our representatives care about compassionate immigration policy. We are particularly grateful for Deb Haaland’s recent announcement of co-sponsorship of the Stop Militarizing Law-Enforcement Act.

from Ceryn Schoel, Santa Fe Friends Meeting (5/24/2019)