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Muscle Building for Peace and Justice

Published: May 14, 2021


A nonviolent workout routine for the 21st century with Pamela Haines and Hayley Hathaway
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
90 minutes starting:
4:00 PM Pacific = 5:00 PM Mountain

What would it mean to develop and practice a non-violent workout routine to build our muscles as peace, justice and climate activists?

In this evening session, we will explore the potential of building such a routine, practicing with a few of the many muscles involved (listening and connecting, engaging in conflict and repair, listening for and speaking truth, facing grief, and cultivating hope and courage).

Pamela Haines works in early childhood education and leads family play groups in Philadelphia. She has a passion for the earth and economic integrity, loves repair of all kinds, and has published on the skills of peace-building and faith and economics. Her latest books are Money and Soul and That Clear and Certain Sound.

Hayley Hathaway is Quaker Earthcare Witness' Communications Coordinator. She wants to talk with you about alternative economics, local climate activism, organic farming, and building a more dynamic and spiritually deep Quaker community.

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from Hayley Hathaway, Quaker Earthcare Witness