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More Videos from Right Sharing

Published: June 9, 2023


Dear Friends,

We are excited to release two more videos in our series on the work of Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR).

The first features Rami, a mother and seamstress in India.  Having endured the struggles of bonded labor, an all-to-common practice in Southern India, Rami’s story highlights what we are capable of when we come together as a community.

Click here to watch this video of Rami.

The second video features Lisa Graustein, a former board member of Right Sharing. Lisa explores how RSWR helps people get the skills they want in order to address issues in their own community. She asks "“All of us are a part of this interconnected web. In the right sharing of world resources, how do we get to that right balance?"

Click here to watch this video of Lisa.

from Caitlin Churchill, Right Sharing of World Resources (6/4/2023)