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Monan's Rill Fire

Published: Oct. 9, 2020


Dear Friends,

Some of you may know or have heard of Monan’s Rill, an intentional community with four generations of residents, co-founded in the 1970’s by my folks, Bob and Marie Schutz, other Quakers from Berkeley Friends Meeting and others zon 400 paradisiacal acres outside Santa Rosa, CA.

Only one of twelve Monan’s Rill homes was left standing by the Glass Fire early this week.  The magnitude of loss feels so great, it’s difficult to explain.  Precious property lost, but no precious lives lost.  The only house left standing was built by the late Russ and Mary Jorgensen, long ago of Berkeley Friends Meeting, longer ago Freedom Riders, riding for desegregation in the South, for the precious lives and rights of Black people.  Remembering the Jorgensens, remembering all that was and is Monan’s Rill, knowing no suffering of loss of life, I am grateful.  

This afternoon, I received this message from a senior member of the Rill.  

“Gracious friends have set up a GoFundMe for the people who might be needing assistance at the Rill. Many of our renters did not have insurance, and although they love the rill, may not be able to join us in rebuilding, not to mention finding an interim living space.  I am sending this to the many of you who have loved and enjoyed the Rill over the years. We are working together to see this as an opportunity to continue what is best about the Rill and rebuild a climate-resilient community. Thank you very much for any amount you could contribute. Please share this with your friends and network.”

Please contact me if you would like the link to the GoFundMe. My email address is: robertaschutz-AT-yahoo-DOT- com.

from Roberta Schutz, California (10/2/2020)