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Meet Spook Handy

Published: April 16, 2021


Dear Friends,

I just had the lovely experience of meeting a young man who lives in an apartment in the New Brunswick, NJ, Meetinghouse!  The Friends there are providing housing at below-market rent as a part of their outreach mission.  Spook and I met via the Braver Angels program, which paired us for a scripted Zoom conversation on rural/urban divisions. In addition to making a fine new friend, I am gratified that "my" Quakers are encouraging Spook Handy in his activist music career.  His website has samples like "VOTE!" – a clever, witty song that encourages voting. Spook also perfomed alongside Pete Seeger dozens of times during the last ten years of Seeger's life.

Click here to visit Spook's website and enjoy his music.

from Marybeth Webster, South Mountain Friends Meeting, Ashland, OR (4/10/2021)