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Marybeth’s Living Wake

Published: Aug. 20, 2019

Marybeth Webster held a Memorial Meeting for herself on her ninetieth birthday, to hear her loved ones’ reflections while she could still listen. Although held in Quaker-style, the Friends comprised only one-sixth of the “circles” of Marybeth’s current, engaged, and inspirational life.

This photo captured all the Quakers in attendance, all of whom are part of South Mountain Meeting in Ashland, OR, unless otherwise noted (from left to right): Grace Pettygrove (originally from Davis Meeting; now living in Grants Pass, OR), Steve Radcliffe, Nancy Nanna (Lake County Worship Group; lives in Redwood Valley, CA), Bob Morse, Marybeth Webster, Melody Ashworth, Bill Ashworth, Colleen Graham, Colombe Leinau

from Bob Morse, South Mountain Meeting, Ashland, OR (8/3/2019)