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Living with Fire

Published: May 8, 2021


Living with Fire: A Restoration Workshop

to be offered by Woolman at Sierra Friends Center

We live in a fire-prone and fire-dependent landscape in the West.  How can we learn to live with fire, which is necessary for the land to be healthy?  Northern California Native Americans look upon fire as a way to help generate health and rejuvenate the land. 

After the devastating Jones Fire of August, 2020 many supporters of Woolman have expressed a desire to help with land restoration.  Woolman lost 150 acres of forest due to this fire.  This Workshop teaches about fire impacts and the measures that can be taken to assist nature as it recovers -- including tree planting!  We have 4,000 seedlings in a nursery right now, that will be ready to go in the ground after the first rains.

Living with Fire: A Restoration Workshop will start with a plenary talk from Shelly Covert, from the Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribe, about Tribal Ecological Knowledge.  Next, expert guides will introduce participants to the science behind fire on our landscape by hiking through the various fire severity areas.  With that knowledge, as a community we will develop planning priorities for restoration and long-term land stewardship.  Participants will be trained as "zone" leaders for a community tree-planting and restoration day just after the first fall rains. 

The workshop is on 3 days over a 6-month period June 5, September 11, November TBD (after the first rain), each day is 9 am-5 pm.

Participants: Young adults (16 yrs) and older.  Must be able to walk on trails, sit at a round table with a small group for 4 hours, and perform some restoration tasks (e.g. digging, planting, cutting brush, making piles, etc.).  Size limit is 35 participants.

Cost: $300 for three days.  Optional 8 am Yoga class on the lawn or in the Meeting House is an additional $15 per session. Lunches are optional at $15 per session or “bring your own.”

Optional Accommodations: for attendees who desire to spend the night, the A-Frames will be available for booking at $60 per night plus a $40 cleaning fee.  

Expert guides include:

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Or email info-AT-woolman-DOT-org

from Marty Coleman-Hunt, Woolman at Sierra Friends Center (5/7/2021)