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Living into the Promise

Published: July 31, 2020


A workshop with

Marge Abbott and Julie Peyton, hosted by Ben Lomond Quaker Center

September 4-6, 2020

This Program will be ONLINE.

Please register at www.QuakerCenter.org This time of worldwide disruption by a force too small to be seen by the naked eye has forced millions out of their normal patterns of being and generated much distress and fear. Our spiritual ancestors also encountered an unseen force and power that ripped through them, upending their lives. They recognized the fear which filled them was not something to run away from, but rather a transforming awe-filled experience that opened them to a new birth and promised that they could live in the kingdom of God here and now. During this weekend together, we will each have opportunity to explore the fears that bind us and the possibility (or reality) of a power that raises up the good in each of us. Paulet Meier in setting the words of early Friends to plain song, summarizes the Quaker way as centering, experiencing God’s love, being embedded in community and living an outward witness to faith. For those gathered this weekend, each may be at a different place in this continuum and together help one another move more deeply into kingdom living and becoming together a band of everyday prophets.


from Bob Fisher, Ben Lomond Quaker Center (7/25/2020)