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Little Book of Lamentations

Published: March 26, 2021


Eugene Friends Meeting invites you to visit the little Book of Lamentations that we produced during our Winter Retreat 2021. We also invite you to visit our retreat webpage, where you can view the Zoom recording of our keynote speaker, Carl Magruder, a hospice chaplain traveling in the ministry. Carl’s talk inspires hope for the future, and you can use the materials from our retreat to guide your own mini-retreat.

The theme of this retreat was: “Reflecting on the Past, Being in the Present, and Finding Hope for the Future: How is the Divine at Work in our Lives? “Attendees were invited to create a lamentation for the experiences of 2020. The global, yet so very personal, nature of the suffering that we all endured during the pandemic inspired our little Book of Lamentations, which is now posted for sharing.

Click here to read our Little Book of Lamentations.
Click here to consider other materials from our retreat.

from Jill Hoyenga, Eugene Friends Meeting (3/20/2021)