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Job Opening at Woolman

Published: April 23, 2021


Dear Friends, as the Covid crisis is winding down, Woolman at Sierra Friends Center is seeking to hire a critical position for a capable individual to relaunch an exciting array of new programs. Reporting to the Executive Director, the purpose of the Programs Director position is to provide leadership for Woolman’s educational, enrichment and camp programs.  The Programs Director is responsible for all aspects of program delivery and to ensure program objectives are met, which include the delivery of the unique “integrated Woolman experience” based on Quaker values and immersion in nature.  These values are embodied in Friends’ testimonies, among which are: peace, simplicity, unity, community, integrity, and equality.  It includes experiential learning in the natural environment that incorporates inquiry, personal reflection and community building. 

Interested? Do you know someone who would be interested?

Click here for the full job description.

Email inquiries to info-AT-woolman-DOT-org. 

from Marty Coleman-Hunt, Sierra Friends Center (4/19/2021)