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Invitation from Woolman

Published: April 10, 2020


Interesting times, right? We are quiet here, at Sierra Friends Center, of course – all events canceled. We are in discernment about Camp 2020. We are waiting, liminal. Taking care, holding tender hearts, feeding ourselves with stories and hope and pots of soup.

I have been wondering what miracles are happening all around that I do not see. As we are in our homes or working essential jobs, reading the news, finding new ways to connect, what is germinating? How can we step forward into a radically changed world? This may well be the time we have been waiting for - when the old rules become suspended and we can walk through a sudden rite of passage.

Woolman has been witness to many rites of passage. Hundreds of teens have experienced the shedding of old ways and the birthing into who they claim themselves to be while here. Woolman itself has rebirthed and is rebirthing now into a new future. We are all of us, right now, liminal. What will we claim? How will we shape our new world?

Please reach out with your stories of how you are reinventing yourself right now, and how you see your communities reaching into the new world being birthed. We will publish your stories in Woolman’s May newsletter.

Contact us at: info-AT-Woolman-DOT-org

from Amy Cooke, Woolman at Sierra Friends Center (4/10/2020)