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Interrupting Racism through Movement and Story

Published: Sept. 16, 2022


Are you interested in strengthening your racial justice motor and narrative skills and developing the muscle memory needed to interrupt generational cycles of trauma? 

We invite you to join, in community with others, in building the kinesthetic and narrative understanding needed to show up authentically as ourselves while centering the work and leadership of BIPOC and those most impacted by oppression.

In this five-session online course we will explore how racism and white supremacy operate in our stories, bodies and communities and learn ways to interrupt and shift the normative stories and movements that keep racism moving.

This online course is designed in such a way that BIPOC and white folks can inhabit the space meaningfully together.

The bi-weekly Core Sessions will be reinforced with alternate week Small Group meetings that will support deepening learning, reflection, and integration of what’s presented

Five Sessions, 2.5 hours each, starting at:
3:30 PM Pacific = 4:30 PM Mountain
October 16, October 30, November 13, November 27, and December 11, 2022
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from Lucy Duncan, reparationWorks