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International Quakers and Climate Chaos

Published: Sept. 8, 2023


Dear Friends,

Chuck Schobert mentioned how Friends in the Global South are disproportionately affected by climate change. In May and June of this year, I interviewed Quakers from three different countries (Philippines, Bolivia, and Uganda) about their experiences with climate chaos.  I encourage you to watch and share the brief videos I created (about 8 minutes each), linked below. Please excuse poor editing, as this was my first attempt ever at making videos.  All of these Friends speak English, and I carefully included subtitles so you can catch all their words.  There is specific and immediate need in both Bolivia and Uganda, and accompanying documents include info on how to connect with them to help.

May our concern always lead to action.  Supporting folks of color (locally and internationally) with their projects is anti-racist and de-colonizing work. In this case, it also helps local efforts to mitigate climate change.


To see the world with a caring eye

Crisanto de la Cruz in Manila, Philippines
director of Philippines Evangelical Friends International Ministries (PEFIM)

Pastor Cris tells about how their church helped people displaced by floods in Manila, and the way he teaches their youth to care about the environment, which is God's creation.

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Potatoes for People

Emma Condori Mamani in La Paz, Bolivia
director of Friends International Bilingual Center

Friend Emma, active in FWCC Section of the Americas, shares about the drought in the highlands of Bolivia, and how Quakers are getting potatoes to families in need so they can eat and plant. The Friends Center has also made and distributed biosand water filters.

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Kahoda: Serving the needy in Uganda

Kakala Joshua in Mbale, Uganda
director of Kahoda Disaster Relief and Environmental Management (KADREMA)

Friend Kakala Joshua, a nurse, and vice-secretary of the Young Quakers Friends Association of FWCC Africa Section, is leading the effort to care for children orphaned in landslides caused by heavy rains influenced by climate change in eastern Uganda.

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from Sister Confianza, Amigas del Señor Monastery (9/3/2023)