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In the Upper Room

Published: Dec. 17, 2021


A month ago, I began presenting El Aposento Alto, The Upper Room devotional magazine, on buses when we travel, after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. It's a wonderful privilege to stand up at the front of an old school bus, used here for public transportation, greet passengers, and read one of the meditations written by Christians around the globe. Hondurans are respectful listeners - the bus drivers even turn off the music - while I talk. Most appreciate the encouraging messages, and some buy a copy of the booklet to take home. It is a true ministry.

We're especially excited because in 2022, two meditations I wrote will appear! One is for Palm Sunday in March, and another (about dealing with distractions - such as insects during prayer) will be in the May-June issue.

Have you subscribed to The Upper Room yet? If not, consider doing so now.

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from Sister Confianza, Amigas del Señor (12/14/2021)