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Hospital San Isidro

Published: Jan. 15, 2021


San Isidro (Saint Isidore) was a farmer.  He gets a lot more honor here in Honduras, than in say, Tokyo, New York City, or London.  The public hospital in Tocoa, which is our hospital, is named after Saint Isadore.

For over a year the hospital has had a few leaks in the roof--inconvenient, but there was always something more pressing on which the skimpy budget should be spent.  Then November, 2020 brought Hurricane Eta, then a very wet cold front, then Hurricane Iota, then another very wet cold front.  The roof was finished.  Structurally it is still sound, but it leaks like a sieve.  The nurses sometimes wear boots to work.

In December I had meetings with several different persons at the hospital.  The Sub-Director explained that they had gotten bids and had chosen a local contractor to put a new roof over the old one (the cheapest way of doing it) and that he will do it in stages as the money becomes available to pay.  Since the hurricanes and COVID have caused even more economic havoc in more densely populated parts of the country, local folks will have to come up with the cash.  It will cost 1.7 million lempiras--$70,000.  The administrators are meeting with the local mayor, business leaders, and the hospital auxiliary (citizens' committee) to help raise funds.  The monastery's role is to help improve health care in our little corner of the world, by supporting the public health department in doing what they would do IF they had adequate funding.  We have joined with the hospital and others to raise money to build this better roof.  We have a trusted person in Tocoa to supervise purchase of materials.  We will stay out of salaries.  We can assure that money we receive is not side tracked.  Corruption is a real issue and must carefully be avoided.  Note: This is part of bringing this hospital up to Honduran standards, not "global north" standards.

When Sister Confianza had surgery in 2019, I stayed with her at the hospital to take care of her (there aren't enough nurses).  I slept on the floor.  Sure, it was hard, but it was DRY.  Dry floors and intact roofs cannot be taken for granted after hurricanes.  This is one way to build a more just world.  If you can help, please do.

Tax-deductible donations may be made through First United Methodist Church of Hermiston, Oregon, electronically or by check.

Click here to donate securely online.

Fill out the simple form. Check the box to donate to a designated fund, then choose Amigas del Senor Monastery from the drop-down menu.

Or make out a check to FUMC.

Write "Amigas" in the memo line. Send it to:
          191 E Gladys Ave
          Hermiston, OR 97838

This project provides improved health care and short-term jobs, both part of rebuilding Honduras.


from Sister Alegría del Señor, Limón, Colón, Honduras (1/11/2021)