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History of John Woolman School - new book

Published: Feb. 12, 2021


History of John Woolman School, 1963-2016

Sixty years ago, a group of Quaker and like-minded families came together with the dream of creating a Friends residential high school on the West Coast and purchased a 300-acre ranch in the Sierra foothills.  From 1963 until 2016, John Woolman School offered students academic instruction in the Quaker tradition of peace, justice, simplicity, cooperation, and an amazing experience of life close to nature.
Now, a group of alumni and friends of the school are joining to capture the stories of this unique experience, and the doors it opened to lifetimes of service, creativity, and social change. 
The book will be written by Cathy Lenox, a Woolman alum from the early 70s and a professional writer, on based interviews with alumni and former staff.  She will be assisted by Lisa Frankel, a long-time neighbor of Woolman who has helped the school in various capacities.  Both the four-year school and the Woolman Semester will be included.
The first step is to ensure that we have enough funds to see the project to completion.  We have launched a Kickstarter.com campaign to generate the funds, with a goal of $24,000.  As of February 12, thirty sponsors have pledged $4,600. If do not reach the goal by April 1, Kickstarter will return the funds to the sponsors.
Although the project is independent of the Sierra Friends Center, all proceeds after the book’s expenses will be donated to Sierra Friends Center.
I got involved because my junior and senior years at Woolman, ’77 and ’78, helped me come out of my shell, gave deep roots to my Quakerism, solidified my life as a poet, gave me a lifetimes worth of dreams about manzanita forests and the Yuba River, and made me comfortable with cooking in a community kitchen. Please join me as a sponsor and help get the amazing story of John Woolman School into print.

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If you have questions (or would like to contribute through a different channel) please contact me, Paul Jolly, at paulsjolly-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

from Paul Jolly, Strawberry Creek Meeting, Berkeley, CA (2/12/2021)