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Highs and Lows at John Woolman School

Published: Aug. 11, 2023


Four years ago, Catherine Lenox and I started this project with a day of oral history interviews at Woolman. After four years of interviews, research, and writing, we have a finished manuscript. Sophie Brinker, illustrator, has contributed her beautiful drawings. Sonja Gerard designed the lovely cover and is doing the layout. We'll have printed books in hand by the end of September, in time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the John Woolman School.

from Lisa Frankel Grass Valley Friends Meeting (8/2/2023)


"Sadly, for the Fall season, [John Woolman School] will need to pause all programs as we take time to consider our next steps. This means that we will not be holding workshops, after school programs, or Outdoor School. . . . Beginning this month, we will be greatly reducing our staff and operations while we weather a difficult financial period. . ."

[See the complete letter below.]

from Coleen Hedglin (8/9/2023)