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Help Vaccinate Quakers in Uganda

Published: June 18, 2021


My friends at the Rape Hurts Foundation (www.rapehurts.org ) in Uganda need your help. Rape Hurts is the most extraordinary organization, rescuing women (and their children) from all forms of gender-based violence, sex trafficking (both local and international), child trafficking, child sacrifice (?!) Read more about them on their website, PLEASE. Many of the staff are members and attenders of Bulungi Tree Shade Friends Meeting, the only welcoming and affirming unprogrammed Friends meeting in East Africa.

But we have a problem. Covid 19 is now hitting eastern Uganda in a big way. There is a 42-day lockdown, but there are cases and deaths all around.

Almost no one is vaccinated; houses and markets are crowded in the towns. In the villages, there is little if any medical care.

Rape Hurts’ 21 staff often work in remote villages, setting up women’s groups, explaining the rights of children, counseling, and performing actual rescues. While this is on hold for now, it will certainly start up again. But the problem is these staff work so closely with villagers, that if they contract Covid 19, they would be helping to spread it.

While vaccinations are hard to come by, we have found a source. Not cheap: the required Covid test, plus two doses (AstraZeneca) costs $135. So times 21, we need to raise $2,835, and as quickly as possible. ($3,000 will cover the fees as well.) Yes, vaccination should be free. But it isn’t.

You will not only be helping Rape Hurts staff remain healthy, but also making it possible for them to serve the tens of thousands of women and children they work with throughout eastern Uganda.

Click here to make a donation.

Please give generously. And please share this message!

from David Albert, Friendly Water for the World (6/13/20201)