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Health and Strength

Published: Feb. 24, 2023


Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I had several episodes of angina.  So, of course, I called my cardiologist.   He had me increase my angiotropen from 90 mg /day to 180/day.  In about 5 days I noticed increased energy and definitely increased walking. Today, I seem to have spring fever, very restless.  Don't misunderstand; I'm not complaining. I like this feeling a lot.

On Thursday, Sister Confianza picked up 400 cycles of birth control pills and 100 injections (each lasts 3 months).  These will serve the entire county for almost 2 months.  I don't know what the problem is, but I am glad we can help. (The cost to our donors is almost $1,000.  Well worth it!)  This birth control – available to ( but not forced on) women of every financial level – is one the better routes to slow global heating.

Thanks for helping.
Sister Alegría 


from Sister Alegria del Señor, Amigas del Señor Monastery, Honduras (2/18/2023).