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Greening Meeting Minute

Published: Aug. 6, 2021


Camas Friends Church in Oregon Approves Greening Meeting Minute

The following statement (prepared by the Earth Care Committee of Camas Friends Church) was embraced and approved by Camas Friends at their last meeting for business:

As a Greening Meeting, we seek to express our love for Creator by showing reverence for Mother Earth and all of Creation: soil, elements, water, air, wind, creatures, and humans. Toward this end, we will seek a deeper understanding of our relationship with Creation and commit to steward Mother Earth’s resources more justly and sustainably. We will promote action through personal, tiny radical steps, as well as by joining with neighbors in local, state, national and international communities taking big steps, speaking out for change. A commitment to these steps will lead us to live in harmony with our neighbors and all Creation, and demonstrate our love for The Divine.

from Eric Muhr, Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting (8/6/2021)