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Get Bossy

Published: April 24, 2020


Dear Friends:  Most importantly, I hope you’re safe, healthy, and well.

As a humorous distraction during this stay-at-home time, I invite you to watch Get Bossy, a movie we made over the last couple of years and shot at both Santa Monica and Orange Grove Meetinghouses.

The film has just been picked up for distribution by Cinedigm and is currently in release on Amazon Prime Video.

You can watch Get Bossy here. 

Get Bossy is a female detective comedy (sort of like a female Big Lebowski) about a cannabis-loving female private eye who partners with the brother of a woman who is killed (a bitter former CIA officer) to uncover a conspiracy and bring down a fallen, larger-than-life corporate woman trying to chart her comeback to the top of the financial world.

The story is also a female empowerment story. The woman who was killed was a Quaker and president of a merchant’s association, protecting small businesses.  She was also protecting an undocumented family in danger of being deported.

(My Quaker film portfolio includes Salt And Light, a documentary about the 2012 World Conference of Friends, which I made with Friends Sarah Rose House-Lightner, Hulda Muaka, and Lane Clark.)

from Shayne Lightner, Santa Monica Friends Meeting (4/18/2020)