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Published: Dec. 4, 2020


The Funk-O-Meter Scale

Do you remember the three questions we were supposed to ask before saying something? 1. Is it true? 2. Is it kind? 3. Is it necessary? I've got an update for 2020. 1. Did you vigorously fact check? 2. Does it strengthen democracy? 3. Does it encourage wellness? 

Behavior modification is huge in the dog world. Simply huge. Do you think we can hire dog trainers for people? Because I think behavior modification is where it’s at. 

Why do you have to do something bad to pick up trash by the side of the road?

Even though I was not elected president, I say we add this to the current platform: required hours of public service every year for everyone. The reward, besides the glow of helping- everyone receives massage through their health plan. 

Is this communism? No, this is contribution. This is trained caring. 

I wonder a lot of things daily. What number is the life-0-meter? The funk-0-meter scale? The suck-0-meter readout? The joy odometer? Much more interesting than the pain scale.

Winter 2020 will be a time for sleep. Before Covid-19 there was too much running around being busy. There were no mandated pauses. We needed a pause. Too bad it's a plague pause. 

Now we are forced to stop automatic function and imagine different ways to go through our days and weeks. To be flexible and accommodating might not be in the constitution but it's become an issue for 2020. 

USA, do you care about dogs? Oh yes! Apple pie? Yes! How about the wellness of the country? Yes, but. Which wellness do you speak of? The people? The money? Must we choose? Does one exist without the other? Which was here first? Money or people? Chicken or eggs? Bats or the belfry? Wood or the woodchuck? 

This is no time to argue.

Conspire toward a broader understanding. Locate the most calm and rational voices you can find. 

You know how they make fake grocery store aisles, bus stops, cafes and such in memory care centers? The residents find comfort with these props of shared public areas. Should we start building these props sooner? I'm planning a remodel. I could add a waiting room? A lunch counter? A customer service window? Anything that encourages the traffic of thoughts must be good at all cognitive levels. 

Regarding thoughts, I did hear a good one the other day, which is: we can no longer be consumed with only thoughts of ourselves as it's no longer globally sustainable. 

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from Mary Ann Petersen, Eugene Friends Meeting (11/29/2020)