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Friends' Silent Retreat

Published: Jan. 27, 2023


Dear Friends: These days, you may be asking “What is mine to do?” Come and explore with Friends in cared-for silence and worship sharing.

Twenty-Sixth Annual Friends’ Silent Retreat

Friday March 3-Sunday March 5, 2023
Optional Extended Retreat, Monday March 6, 2023
Prince of Peace Abbey, Oceanside, CA
Please see the attached document for more information.


Some of the testimonials from last year's retreat include:

 "Somehow the whole retreat whizzed by. I wish there’d been more time."

"Being ALIVE with stillness while the beauty of nature swirls around us."

"You all run a marvelous retreat. I love how your individual skills blend together to make a cohesive whole."

"I didn’t realize how much sleep my body was asking for. The optional nature of activities gave me a chance for naps (!)"

"I saw 2 coyotes, 7 rabbits, and 2 gorgeous sunrises."

"I had personal awakenings that I’m thankful to have discovered. This space is a treasure."

"The monks who tended to us were so gentle and welcoming, with that quiet sense of humor exemplified by monastics at their best."

"The glories of birdsong, butterflies on treetops, and blossoms alive with hummingbirds."

"Hearing ‘self-care is not selfish.' Imagine!"


from Judy Leshefka, La Jolla Friends Meeting (to be 3/3/2023)