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Friends House Finds a New Partner

Published: March 12, 2021


For close to fifty years now, College Park Quarterly Meeting has been a kind of parent and protector to the three legally independent entities it initiated in the sixties and seventies.  Now one of them, Friends House, is leaving the fold, having found a new and welcome partner with which to move on into the future.  Covia is a non-profit, church-based (Episcopalian) provider of housing and health care for elders. Based in Walnut Creek, Covia has the kind of fiscal strength and professional experience never available to the Friends Association of Services for the Elderly (FASE), the governing board which is now being laid down.  Covia runs eight continuing care communities like Friends House and six low-income housing communities and welcomes Friends House into its fold as a middle-income alternative.  Covia plans to affiliate within the year with Front Porch, its counterpart in Southern California, which will further strengthen its backing for Friends House.

Covia’s mission and values are congruent with those of Friends House. Residents will continue to fulfill their historical role of promoting adherence to the Testimonies in all aspects of community life.  Long-time Quaker Elizabeth Boardman was recently chosen to represent Friends House residents on the Covia board.  One of the original founders of Friends House and the first administrator, she has now lived there for more than six years and is well suited for the task.

Other Quakers are especially welcome to join the vibrant Friends House community. 

Click here to read descriptions of our apartments and health services.

Steve Birdlebough is a resident of Friends House who served on the FASE board.  He is a member of Redwood Forest Meeting.


from Steve Birdlebough, Redwood Forest Meeting, 3/12/2021