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Friends for Technology Evaluation Needed

Published: Jan. 27, 2023


The organization Friendly Water for the World is recruiting for volunteers to serve on its Technology & Evaluation Committee (T&E). This committee has an important role in the function of Friendly Water for the World. It meets monthly the week prior to each Board Meeting. It comprises volunteers with knowledge and training in science-related fields and the staff working on the programs in Africa. It meets in the evening to accommodate our members and staff from Africa.

A major purpose of the committee is to review and discuss the relevant technologies used by the Builds supported by Friendly Water. The review will include relevant research and standards in the field.

Materials to learn more about these topics will be provided.

The other main objective is to ensure that ongoing evaluation is done to make a fair and qualified judgement about a program's effectiveness. This evaluation will help us demonstrate the impact of a program to funders. This information can be shared to seek support in continuing the program at that location and potentially at similar locations. The committee can also use this knowledge to help suggest improvements for continuing efforts.

Interested in joining the T&E Committee? Please email Curt Andino:  curt[at]friendlywater[dot]org

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from Curt Andino, Friendly Water for the Word (1/21/2023)